This is what makes VR Multiplayer the future: 3 reasons you must try the NEW Smashbox Arena Sniper-Mode



At BigBox VR, we’re are focusing on setting the standard for VR Multiplayer experiences, and with the new Sniper Mode for Smashbox Arena, we use Vive’s Room-scale VR to transform the fantasy of being a sniper in firefight into reality.

The new Sniper Mode for Smashbox Arena is launching today, and we wanted out outline three key reasons why we think gamers will love the new mode.

1) With the new mode, you can set up your attack like a REAL sniper, navigating through dangerous terrain and using strategy to take down your opponents. We’ve been playing in VR for a long time and haven’t found anything that can compare to the feeling of using Room-scale VR to intelligently use the space around you. Room-scale allows you to stealthily move from cover-point to cover-point. Carefully track unsuspecting targets from across the map, then take a high-powered sniper shot from behind a well-fortified barrier. It really is an intense feeling, and one that you can only get that extra level of immersion when you’re doing it in VR. You can duck, crouch, and even lie prone to get the perfect shot. Being an elite sniper in Room-scale VR has to be experienced first hand!

2) We also love the other side of that equation..dodging the sniper bullets!  Our Sniper Mode is the ONLY game mode where players can dodge sniper bullets in real-time. You will have to move fast enough, in your Room-scale experience to avoid the bullets zipping towards you. The sensation and the sound (oh, the sound!) of a bullet whizzing by is so realistic, that we often have a hard time not screaming!

3) Our new Sniper Mode adds a level of tension that is unparalleled, and dramatically increases the feeling of the presence of your teammates (and enemies)!  The sniper bullets are fast and lethal…any false move will result in an instant KO. If you’ve tried the game on a Vive, you no doubt know that your sense of presence is greatly heightened and forces you to move very carefully. You can literally feel your teammate next to you, pinned down behind cover. You can feel the intense gaze of your enemy’s scope from across the map. We firmly believe this heightened physical presence creates a new level of immersion in VR games.

Finally, We have more great news to share today. In addition to launching our new Sniper Mode, we’re releasing a new “Watcher” map.  Watcher is an all new map that we designed to increase the action and keep up the fast-paced nature of the game.  It is a bit smaller than some of the other maps, and we’ve added creative cover areas that will bring out tons of over-the-top Smashbox Arena moments.

And if all of this isn’t not good enough, Smashbox Arena is having a limited-time, 50% sale this weekend only! You can get Smashbox Arena here.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new Sniper Mode and Watcher Map, and we look forward to your comments on our forum on Reddit!

Finally, if your note yet convinced, check out our latest video of Smashbox Arena, showing off Sniper Mode: