Vive Tracker Now Available for Developer Purchase

Vive Tracker IMG 2 - Side

Ready. Set. Code. That’s the message today as the Vive Tracker, which Engadget said will “fundamentally change the VR landscape,” is now widely available for developer purchase for $99 on

For developers, the Vive Tracker represents a quick and easy way to add motion control for a host of VR experiences from bringing real world objects into VR, to building mixed reality videos, to implementing full body tracking.

On that front, Vive today released an open source implementation of full body tracking using three Vive Trackers. With this code base, available on GitHub, developers can quickly integrate full body tracking into their VR experience using Vive Trackers, bringing feet and natural movements into VR. Kickboxing, anyone?

To get you started with inspiration, here’s just a few of the Vive Tracker projects that have been publicly shown:

And there’s more accessories and VR experiences to come with the consumer launch of Vive Tracker later in the year.

To support developers, Vive has also launched a dedicated community space for devs and Vive experts to ask questions and solve VR development problems. A dedicated space for the Vive Tracker exists here:

Stay tuned for more!