Schools of the Future – Using VIVE to Provide Complete Medical Imaging Education in VR


Written by Henry Lane, Corvecto

The future is here and now. At Virtual Medical Coaching (VMC) in New Zealand, we’re expanding the VR medical scene and educating the next wave of medical operators with our latest endeavor, VMC Suite’s X-Ray Trainer.

X-Ray Trainer is the first module of our medical imaging suite now available to tertiary educators all around the world, providing users with comprehensive equipment, their own private examination room and lifelike patients to simulate all the key components for taking an X-Ray.

We contracted three New Zealand based companies in the EPIC Innovation Hub to jointly develop the software suite. VR studio Corvecto, video game developer CerebralFix, and e-learning platform creator Skilitics collaborated together under our guidance to build this first-of-its-kind application for medical training.

Through VR, students get education around the intricacies of operating advanced medical equipment. Guided by real-life educators, each student has the opportunity to make and learn from their mistakes in an environment which communicates the consequences, without the damaging side-effects that would otherwise accompany them in real life.

With hardware costing less than 1% of real-world x-ray machine counterparts, tertiary providers around the world are picking up VMC Suite rather than physical machines. Key benefits of the suite include the fact that it doesn’t require maintenance or annual certification. The setup is easily transportable, fits into significantly small rooms and, thanks to continual software updates, ensures students always have the latest technology to work with. VMC Suite is even empowering educational facilities to pick up new courses they otherwise couldn’t offer due to lacking the equipment.


VMC won’t just be limited to X-Ray Trainer though. In the near future, additional modules will be rolled out to subscribers which encompass MRI, CT, Ultrasound, and other advanced medical equipment from outside the imaging spheres.

For more information or to make an enquiry you can check out, or get a flavour for the coursework in the video below: