New to Viveport Subscription – July 2017

New and notable titles in Viveport Subscription right now. What’s in your five?


With hundreds of apps and games available in Viveport Subscription, it can be tricky to pick the five you want to experience. Here are some of the new and notable titles recently added to Viveport Subscription.

Front Defense

Developer: Fantahorn Studio

Front Defense is an arcade-style VR shooter that puts you on the front lines, defending a European town from Axis forces. You’ll need to duck and cover, then fight back with a selection of increasingly powerful weaponry until you face down the ultimate super weapon. Man the guns and get ready to hold the line!


Developer: LyraVR

A music creation platform that takes full advantage of room-scale VR, LyraVR isn’t about recreating guitars or trumpets. Instead it lets you create music by placing sounds in a virtual environment, then linking them together to form loops or lining them up to create songs. If you want to get hands-on you can play virtual drums, keyboards and more, then either perform in real-time for friends or share them for others. It’s a fresh way to look at, experience and create music, unique to VR.

Dwingle B.O.T

Developer: XXII

We’ve seen a number of ‘escape room’ VR experiences, but this one’s different – you’ll be building your own AI companion – Bot – who’ll work alongside you. Bot’s moods change and adapt depending on your interaction, so each player’s experience will be different.

Panzer Panic

Developer: Handygames
On the ‘lighter’ side of war, Panzer Panic is a local multiplayer (and single player vs AI) tank game, where you’ll need to capture the enemy’s flag while defending your own. With plenty of power-ups, fun tank customization options and fast gameplay, it’s perfect for your next VR LAN party.

Twisted Arrow

Developer: Phaser Lock Interactive
This over-the-top shooter kicks the average archery game up a notch or five. You’ll move around a huge city, teleporting up and down buildings to try and make the perfect shot with your top secret combat bow. This isn’t a serious military sim though: you’re packing some extra-special arrows ready to rain pain, as well as hi-tech shields to keep you alive through the six massive levels.


Developer: VRUnicorns
On the complete other end of the ‘what you can do with a bow and arrow’ spectrum, #Archery (yup – ‘hashtag archery’!) asks you to imagine if you woke up one day and had to do everything with a bow and arrow. Like, everything. You won’t be standing on a target range for this: you’ll be selling ice cream, making vegetarian pizza, delivering newspapers, chopping wood, catching fish and, as they say, much more. You’ll never look at a bow and arrow the same way again.


Developer: VRUnicorns
The hashtag sports craze doesn’t end with #Archery – we also have #SelfieTennis available for those of you who like the idea of a calm, relaxed game where you use your tennis racket to murder people. Wait, what?

Yes, #SelfieTennis isn’t exactly up to tennis tournament standards, but that just makes it all the better. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about a Tennis Murder Simulator here – you’re ‘killing’ #BallPeople, who are basically tennis balls with feet. I mean, they deserve it, right?


Developer: Treefortress Games
There’s something about a retro-future-world dominated by neon-like lasers that makes just about anything look cool. HoloBall puts you right in the middle of those beautiful pixels with only a paddle, tasking you with defeating a rogue AI. Your skills will be tested as you hit, smash and curve your virtual ball on the path to freedom.

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