Early Release of New Viveport Scene SDK Hints at the Future of VR Content Browsing

At VRDC, HTC Vive announced the early release of the Viveport Scene SDK, a new toolset that will help developers create immersive VR Previews that will be showcased in Viveport. The Viveport Scene SDK allows developers to transcend the communication limitations of flat preview images and video in the forthcoming release of Viveport VR by generating:

  • VR Previews: Fully immersive interactive 3D environments streamed dynamically to the viewer on Viveport to increase engagement and customer conversion.
  • VR Skyboxes: “360 preview images” that surround the user as they browse the content grid in the Viveport store.

We believe that the tools contained in the SDK will help developers increase conversion, drive discoverability, and engage users prior to purchase. Content that includes a VR Preview will be showcased in a special category across Viveport endpoints when we launch our new immersive Viveport VR discovery experience for consumers this Fall.

The SDK includes a simple to use wizard that gives developers the flexibility to quickly create a basic VR Preview that gives users a taste of their 3D content, or to stand out in the store with in-depth interactions and exploration.  Developers can drag their existing assets into a basic scene, add a nav mesh, add a skybox, and export in less than an hour.  Interactivity in the scene takes a bit more time to perfect with the SDK, but it amplifies a user’s impression of your content with interactive objects, soundscapes, and animations.  We are excited to see what you create!

Download the Viveport Scene SDK, including documentation, directly here – (385Mb ZIP)