Should you buy Vive Pro? See what the critics had to say.

Starting this week, Vive Pro is available for purchase across Vive retailers and on VIVE Pro is the most immersive and fully featured virtual reality system experience. You can check out the enhancements and features here. But the real question is, should you buy it? Don’t just take our word for it, check out what the reviewers are saying:

  • “In the battle for virtual reality supremacy, HTC has taken a definitive lead with the Pro. The headset is head and shoulders above anything currently on the market.” – Tom’s Guide


  •  “Tracking is as accurate as ever, with sub-millimeter accuracy that, combined with the 90hz refresh rate of the display panels, feels every bit as real in the virtual world as it does in the real world.” – Android Headlines


  • “Text looks so much better, and soon, I found myself writing chunks of this review while still wearing the headset.” – Gizmodo


  •  “The Vive Pro is remarkably solid, beating even the Oculus Rift’s slick design. The first time you handle the Vive Pro, it’s clear this is an expensive piece of hardware. It’s weighty, but not heavy, and it feels made of quality materials.” – Digital Trends


  •  “On the audio side, the Vive Pro includes integrated headphones, which are fully adjustable and quite comfortable once you get them positioned exactly right. These are on-ear headphones, so if you’re used to big over-ear cups (like I am) it can feel a little weird, but the audio quality is actually pretty impressive for their size. A built-in digital amplifier gives the audio plenty of weight, and the best compliment I can give the headphones is that I forgot they were there for most of my playtime.” –  BGR


You can also take a look at what some of the more popular content creators had to say about their experiences with the Vive Pro:




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