Free Steam Weekend – Front Defense: Heroes

Attention! Starting today, Front Defense: Heroes, the multiplayer WWII VR shooter developed by Fantahorn Studio, will be having a Steam Free Weekend! Now you can experience the intense FPS and the thrill of fighting with your friends before buying the title. In addition, those who just can get enough of the WWII era shooter will be able to purchase Front Defense: Heroes on Steam for 50% off throughout the weekend.



Front Defense: Heroes is a highly-polished, online multiplayer shooter set in the final days of WW2. Designed specifically for VR, the Vive Studios title offers intuitive controls, sprawling battle maps, realistic World War II era weapons and the opportunity to engage in strategic military operations with friends and other VR enthusiasts. Whether playing as the Axis or the Allies, Front Defense: Heroes allows you to play alone or in an epic 5v5 battle with other soldiers. With multiple combat modes and maps, the fierce fighting is always fresh and exciting.



Front Defense: Heroes’ Steam Free Weekend runs from 10:00am PDT on 4/26/18 through 1:00pm PDT on 4/29/18. A 50% discount will be applied to all Front Defense: Heroes purchases made on Steam during the Free Weekend until Monday at 10am PDT. Make sure to enlist your favorite soldiers for an action-packed weekend and connect with them on the Front Defense: Heroes discord channel.